Tree Walk @ Holy Sepluchre

  • Sunday, May 21, 2017, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

The tree collection in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery is a living example of a "Garden Cemetery". Horticulturist Walter Nelson will lead a walking tour discussing the trees, Sunday, May 21 beginning at 2 PM. Enter the East Division at the traffic light on Lake Avenue. You will be directed to parking.

Bishop McQuaid, after researching the plans and layout of well known cemeteries, decided his cemetery would use the "Garden Cemetery" model. Land was purchased on the Charlotte Boulevard in June 1871 The Bishop relied heavily on the advice of Patrick Barry, one of his first trustees, for the original planting plans. Patrick Barry was a prominent horticulturist and a partner in the Ellwanger and Barry Nursery.

A significant development in the East Division took place in 1919 when Alling Stephen Deforest, designer of the Eastman House east garden, took an irregular body of water and designed three bodies of water joined by stone bridges. This area is called Trinity Lake.

Today the East Division contains over seventy varieties of trees such as shagbark hickories, red and white oaks, English and copper beech, London plane sycamore, catalpa, horse chestnut, sweet gum, Carolina poplar, magnolia and butternut. Among the conifers are Austrian and Scotch pine and Norway and Colorado Blue Spruce.

Gain information about similar trees in your landscape and see what maturing specimen look like. There is no charge.