2019 District Public Presentations


2019 Finger Lakes District 4-H Public Presentations

  • Saturday, March 30, 2019, 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM

The Public Presentations Program is one of 4-H’s most beneficial and rewarding experiences. It is the one most often credited by 4-H alumni as having given them an edge above peers in both college and professional careers. It provides a unique opportunity to develop a positive self-concept and poise, gain self-confidence before a group, learn to express ideas clearly, respond spontaneously to questions, and gain subject matter knowledge. Through a progressive series of communication activities, youth learn to express themselves and their ideas.

Each county may select a maximum of twenty youth to participate in District Presentations. The same presentation evaluated at the county level must be done at the district level except impromptu participants who choose a new topic at the district event.

Presentations should be a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes with the exception of impromptu presentations which should be at least three minutes and no longer than eight minutes. The impromptu presenter must have completed at least three Public Presentations or reached 13 years of age as of January 1 of this year.

4-H youth participating in public presentations and/or the Horse Communications portion of the event must register by contacting the 4-H contact at their county's CCE office. Registration will be from 2/15/2019 to 3/15/2019.

The address to the school is 1510 State Route 488, Clifton Springs, NY 14432.You will take the driveway that is furthest North, closest to Route 96 – there is a blue sign by the road that says “Elementary School” – the Intermediate School is in the same building.Follow the driveway around to the building in the far back of the campus and enter under the main door by the flagpole.


District 4-H Public Presentations - Presenter **

District 4-H Public Presentations - Evaluator

District 4-H Public Presentations - Room Host

Region 2 Horse Communications **

**Only CCE Staff can access these registration links; please contact your county's 4-H office to register.

For more information on presentations training, please go to: 

Finger Lakes District 4-H Public Presentation Training 


Susan Coyle
4-H Team Leader


Midlakes School
1554 NY-488
Clifton Springs, NY 14432

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