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Official Statement Regarding Hemp & Cannabis

The CCE-Monroe Agriculture Team is available to answer your questions in regard to industrial hemp, as it is not a controlled substance in federal or state law. 

While Cornell CALS and CCE have a very active research and extension program helping farmers to grow industrial hemp, we are precluded by federal law, which does not legalize adult use cannabis at this time, because of our land grant status and the federal funds we receive, to providing technical assistance or guidance to farmers growing adult use cannabis. If the federal government changes the definition of controlled substance to no longer include adult use cannabis, our ability to help farmers in growing adult use cannabis will change.

While we’re happy to field questions about industrial hemp, we cannot do so legally in regards to adult use cannabis. 

Please contact the NYS Farm Bureau for further comment, or perhaps reach out to  the Senate and Assembly Agriculture Committee Chairs – Sen. Hinchey and Assemblymember Lupardo, for comment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Andrea Lista, Executive Director