Commercial Horticulture

Commercial horticulture in the Monroe County area is a $130 million a year business and continues to grow. 

Your CCE Commercial Horticulture Program provides accurate and reliable information for the green industry in Monroe County. Educational programs highlight:

  • improving production efficiency to increase yields and reduce costs
  • improving marketing and retailing strategies
  • Improving plant growth, maintenance and pest control options

Examples of research-based information aiding in business decisions:

  • Restricted-use formulations of emametin benzoate, imidacloprid and dinotefuran are the most efficacious treatments for Emerald Ash Borer.
  • Only with a complete soil analysis should one apply supplemental phosphorus in order to grow a quality turf.
  • Fall lawn fertilizer applications are less likely to harm water quality when applied prior to October 15th than later applications with no difference in turf quality.

Benefits of Horticulture Enrollment:

  • Special pricing on diagnostic lab samples.
  • Commercial Horticulture Newsletter produced here serving this area’s needs.
  • Program activity announcements and pesticide regulation updates.
  • Locally developed educational programs and field days throughout the year.
  • Cornell Guidelines available at cost.
  • Reduced rates for you and your staff at selected training.


Last updated November 15, 2019