Ask a Master Gardener

Ask a Master Gardener

Commercial Horticulture Education

Commercial Horticulture Education

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Spotted Lantern Fly Seminar March 5, 1 PM Irondequoit Library


Cornell Cooperative Extension is your local connection to the research, information and expertise of your land-grant university. The Horticulture Program provides research-based ornamental horticulture information for home gardeners and commercial horticulture businesses.

Home Garden:                                                  Commercial Horticulture:

  • Home landscape lawns                           * Lawn care landscape
  • Flower and vegetable gardens                * Sports turf
  • Trees & shrubs                                      * Garden retail
  • Plant diseases                                       * Ornamental Horticulture Greenhouses
  • Insect pests in and outside the home      * School and municipal ornamental horticulture
Spring into gardening

Gardens in the Face of a Changing Climate

This detailed guide will teach you how to have a "climate-friendly" garden. It provides ways to reduce chemical inputs, improve compost, and how to use cover crops to increase soil health.

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Diagnostic Lab

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County provides a range of diagnostic services to identify plant diseases/insects, weeds, other insects and soil pH.

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Walter Nelson
Horticulture Program Leader

Last updated February 9, 2019