Jarmila Haseler

Jarmila Haseler

Agricultural Educator
(585) 753-2565
Agriculture, Agritourism

Born in Prague in the Czech Republic, Jarmila has always had a passion for the outdoors - hiking, gardening and training service dogs in one of Prague's large parks. This inclination led her to study agronomy and crop production at the University of Agriculture.

Arriving in Rochester, she worked at Eastman Kodak and simultaneously started her own business designing sustainable gardens. For the last four years she served as a Farmers' Market Specialist in CCE of Wayne County. Her work helped to ensure the success of farmers' markets in the Genesee Valley Region.

Jarmila's strengths are in program development through stakeholder engagement, needs assessment, and process evaluation. She is excited to work with clients and communities while growing public awareness agriculture in Monroe County.

In her free time, Jarmila teaches her dog Finn new tricks, grows her own fruit and vegetables in her backyard, and tries to harvest them before the deer do!