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4-H Year End

At the end of each 4-H year, club leaders and parents of independent members are asked to summarize the accomplishments of each Monroe County 4-H member. The information is used, in part, in anticipation of the annual Monroe County 4-H Program achievement event.

This event, typically scheduled for early to mid-autumn, is designed to recognize the accomplishments of 4-H members for the previous 4-H year, and to provide an opportunity for peer members, volunteer leaders, families, and 4-H staff to celebrate those accomplishments.

Youth are recognized for project completion or advancement, community service, growth, leadership, and more. The purpose of recognition is to encourage and support the efforts of youth members in improving their knowledge and development of life skills, while promoting self-confidence.

To be recognized at the achievement event, it is necessary for each member to complete the 4-H Experience Form for the 4-H year. Cloverbuds may need the help of an adult to complete the form.


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Susan Coyle
4-H Program Leader

Last updated September 25, 2020