James and the Lettuce Plugs

James with his baby lettuce - the plugs.

Crunchy Carrots

Crunchy Carrots

The Garden farm

The 'Garden' farm

Baby lettuce mix

Baby Lettuce Mix

Row of Lettuce

Rows of Lettuce

Meet Your Farmers!

Buzz's Garden - more than a garden! 

This amazingly productive piece of land expands across four private backyards! Yes, they used to be someone's lawn!  But James Cagle and Hayley Brown, both first-generation, progressive farmers, converted them in to a vegetable garden, growing a wide selection of high quality, organic certified lettuce varieties, carrots, beet greens, Swiss Chard and spinach. The freshly harvested veggies can be purchased at the Brighton Farmers Markets where you can also meet and talk to James of Hayley.  

The farm is currently enrolled in the  Cornell Vegetable Program to assure continuous increased yield, high tunnel soil health and best strategies for season extension. Meet your farmer here:  http://buzzsgarden.weebly.com/

Last updated November 29, 2016