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Master Gardener Volunteer Information Session

  • Tuesday, March 5, 2024, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Monday, March 18, 2024, 6:15 PM - 7:15 PM
  • Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Saturday, April 13, 2024, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer!

We are hosting 4 community meeting to recruit for our upcoming training program in October 2024. We will present the roles of MGV within the community, provide information on the upcoming class, and what the next steps you need to take to become a Master Gardener Volunteer. You will also have an opportunity to meet and greet with current volunteers to answer any questions you might have and to discuss what opportunities they are involved in.

Meetings are being held:

  • March 5th, 2024 at Gates Public Library
  • March 18th, 2024 at Henrietta Public Library
  • April 13th, 2024 at Central Library
  • April 16th, 2024 via Zoom

For more information please frequently visit our website.



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Last updated January 30, 2024