Friends of Extension Foundation

Our Mission:

The mission of the Friends of Extension Foundation is to secure funding that supports the core programs and effective operation of Cornell Cooperative of Monroe County.

What is the Friends of Extension Foundation?

The Friends of Extension Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) organization that serves as the primary fundraising and long-term fund management entity for the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County (CCE-Monroe)

When and why was it founded?

The Friends of Extension Extension Foundation was formed in 1983 as an organization committed to support the programs of CCE-Monroe.

What does the Friends of Extension Foundation do?

  • We are the primary fundraising and development agent for CCE Monroe.
  • We provide additional resources to support, sustain and grow CCE Monroe programs and activities.
  • We conduct an Annual Campaign. 
  • Our Goal: Help to keep Cornell Cooperative Extension strong in Monroe County!
  • We have an alliance with the Rochester Area Community Foundation to manage our funds and to help us build an endowment that will insure that Extension remains a valuable community resource well into the future.

How Can I Invest Long-term in CCE Monroe?

  • Every dollar helps!
  • Consider donating to the Jerry & Karen Kral Youth & Young Adult Endowment supporting youth and young adult success in employment, healthy living, and life.  Designate Y&YA with your donation.
  • Give a gift to support the general needs of CCE Monroe.
  • Consider a legacy gift.  Contact Andrea Lista for more information.

Cash donations can be made directly to the Extension Foundation.  Send checks to: Extension Foundation, 2449 St Paul Blvd, Rochester, NY 14627.

Credit Card donations can be made by choosing the "donate" button below.  

For more information please contact 585-753-2550.

Last updated October 20, 2023