master gardener volunteer program
Master Gardeners gear up for the opening day of the Lilac Festival Plant Sale

Master Gardeners gear up for the Plant Sale at the Lilac Festival

Master Gardeners

Our Mission:  

We prepare volunteers to be peer educators who build relationships with community audiences to integrate local experience and research based knowledge in planning for and initiating steps to manage gardens, lawns, and landscapes with an emphasis on food security and environmental stewardship.

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Who are Master Gardeners?

The Master Gardener Program is a nation-wide education and service program. Master Gardeners are trained volunteers who work in partnership with their county Cooperative Extension office to extend information throughout the county. Master Gardener Volunteers receive instruction and are kept up-to-date through training and workshops. In return, they share their knowledge through community service. They are neighbors teaching neighbors about horticulture and environmentally sound gardening practices and provide the public with educational programs and activities.

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What do they do?

Master Gardeners provide a number of services and run many programs and events.

They staff the garden helpline, answering telephone and email requests for information and assist in solving horticultural problems. 

They administer annual programs such as plant sales, arboretum and garden tours, and a gardening symposium.

Master Gardeners speak to local groups, write articles, and support demonstration and community improvement projects.

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Visit our page, How To Become a Master Gardener, for more information

Note: In New York State, the master gardener program is a volunteer service program not a course or certificate.

Last updated October 21, 2022