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Regional Agritourism Networking Session - Western NY

  • Monday, August 26, 2024, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Join our Networking Session!

Agritourism is a growing niche of tourism. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in people’s interest in local agriculture, and in buying fresh food directly from nearby farms. Farmers who want to engage in agritourism  have the huge advantage of having this large population of potential customers at their doorsteps.

In a true spirit of agritourism, our Regional Networking Session will be fun and engaging experience. Farmers engaged in or planning future agritourism activities as their primary business or as an add-on to their existing operation are encouraged to participate. 

Our goal is to help strengthen agritourism in our region. We want to support farmers in developing on-farm experience for the public on their farms.

Agenda details TBD: 

The participants will hear about the best practices and opportunities that agritourism can bring to their farm. They will be able to connect with their local tourism agency and learn about resources that are  available to them. 

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Jarmila Haseler
Agriculture and Food System Educator
(585) 753-2565


Wickham Farms
1315 Sweets Corners Rd.
Penfield, NY 14526

Last updated June 11, 2024