Garden Assessment

Home Site Assessment

The Master Gardener Site Assessment program is meant to help the Monroe County community get engaged with their home landscapes in a way that is interactive, fun and informative. Our team of knowledgeable and skilled volunteers are excited to visit your home to help you learn about the problems you encounter, the plants you have, and the gardens you want to have!

What we do:

  1. A one-hour consultation with a team of two CCE-Monroe Master Gardeners at your home.      We offer recommendations in the areas of
    • Plant placement (perennials, trees, shrubs and food)
    • Plant recommendations for specific areas of your yard
    • Vegetable gardens
    • Information on Native plants and pollinator certification
    • Plant / weed identification
    • Plant disease *
    • Pest identification and control *
    • Lawn maintenance *
    • Soil health *
    • When to use a paid professional company

          2. A summary report after the visit

          3. A list of resources pertaining to the areas discussed, if applicable


$75 for the one-hour visit, plus additional fees if samples are requested.

* If a sample needs to be submitted to the Diagnostic Clinic , a lab fee of between $10 and $20 will be charged.

What we don’t do:

  • Landscape design plans or blueprints
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Recommend pesticides usage
  • Recommendations on specific landscape, pest control or lawn control companies

Scheduling a Site Assessment

Thank you everyone who participated in our Site Assessment program this season!

We will be taking request starting in May 2024.


Ashly Piedmont
Master Gardener Coordinator

Last updated September 25, 2023