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The Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County Master Gardeners offer site assessments of residential properties within Monroe County.

A $75.00 fee provides a one-hour consultation with a team of two CCE-Monroe Master Gardeners in the areas of plant identification, disease, pest or weed identification. Master Gardeners will offer suggestions on landscape and garden design. If a sample needs to be submitted to theĀ Diagnostic Clinic, a lab fee of between $10 and $20 will be charged.

Master Gardeners can also report on environmental situations limiting the growth of particular plants (soil or light conditions). They will also identify situations that might require professional follow-up such as tree care or removal and can provide a list of companies.

Scheduling a Site Assessment

Thank you all who have utilized our site assessment service. It has been a pleasure to meet you all and provide assistance with your garden and lawn needs. We are NO longer accepting site assessments for this season, please check back April 2023 for updated information.


Ashly Piedmont
Master Gardener Coordinator

Last updated September 14, 2022