4-H Shooting Sports (Autumn 2018)

4-H Shooting Sports

5-week course

 The 4-H Shooting Sports program utilizes the safe and responsible use of firearms to address youth subjects related to STEM, health living, and civic engagement.

[All curriculum disciplines for archery and firearms are taught and supervised by New York State 4-H Certified Shooting Sports Instructors or Nationally Certified 4-H Shooting Sports Instructors. All 4-H Shooting Sports Instructors must also adhere to the National 4-H Shooting Sports Code of Ethics. (NYS)]

While the training regimen includes several disciplines, Monroe County's 4-H Shooting Sports course will focus on air-rifle training. In addition to New York State 4-H Shooting Sports training, Monroe County 4-H's Shooting Sports instructors have attended our Leadership Training and have passed background checks. 

Field Target course

Field Target is a wonderful sport that challenges you and pushes you to be a better all-around shooter. No more paper targets at known distances – and you must account for wind! Knocking down a steel target by putting a pellet cleanly through a 1 ½” circle at 55 yards is pure exhilaration. And the “dink” sound it makes quickly becomes the most wonderful sound in the world.


Requirements: Safety is first and foremost. You must have either gone through a 4-H Rifle Course, Hunter Safety, or similar firearm safety course. If you are unsure if the youth is qualified, or have questions regarding the program, please contact one of the 4-H Shooting Sports leaders: Sean McDaniel - smcdanie@rochester.rr.com or Eric Brewer - ericjbrewer@yahoo.com

Equipment: Equipment and air will be provided. 

Time permitting we will have each student build their own field target box to carry their equipment and supplies during a match. Students will also be making their own pull-through for barrel cleaning.

Clothing: Dress appropriately for the weather. And if the ground is wet boots are always a good idea. If we’re outside, then the wind also needs to be considered – and we will be outside a lot.

Find more information on the NYS 4-H Shooting Sports website: www.nys4hshootingsports.org

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Last updated July 22, 2022