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FVRx Program

FVRx Program

 Fruit & Veggie Presecription Program: Food as Medicine

This produce prescription program empowers participants to make behavioral changes that support healthy living and alleviate pain and healthcare costs. Participants receive fresh food, attend cooking classes (virtual or in-person) focused on eating a variety of seasonal produce, and communicate with staff about staying motivated and making healthy recipes.

Eligible participants are referred to the program by healthcare providers to treat diet-related illnesses including diabetes, pre-diabetes and hypertension. At this time, we are enrolling patients on Medicaid and patients who are SNAP or WIC eligible.


"It is an incredible program... My husband and I both have type 2 diabetes and this has helped both of us a lot. His A1C has dropped from 6.8 to 5.9, and I feel better. Being creative in the kitchen was like therapy for my depression, good for my soul as well as for my body. I am very grateful for this program and would recommend it to anyone who would benefit from it."

"My Mom was not eating vegetables at all, now it's there in her daily diet, just trying new things."

"I have become more adventurous in the kitchen and have rediscovered a love of cooking that has gotten lost over the years... I have become more organized in terms of storing produce... and also in planning meals in advance and shopping for other ingredients. Also, I began buying more organic foods, such as bread, and trying to make my diet altogether healthier."


Iluminada Vilca
Nutrition Educator

Last updated January 27, 2023