Day Old Pheasant Program


To meet the current and future needs of people for pheasant hunting, observation, and educational oppor­tunities within biological constraints and consistent with available funding.


  • The DEC distributes 60,000 or more day-old chicks annually.
  • Anyone can apply to participate in the Day-old Pheasant Chick Program.
  • Participants must have the appropriate brooding facility and outdoor rearing pen.
  • Release sites must be open to public pheasant hunting.
  • Birds are not to be released on private shooting preserves.
  • Applications for chicks must be submitted by March 25th.
  • Participants must become familiar with Day-old Pheasant Chick Program guide.
  • Day-old pheasant chicks are provided to participants in April, May, or June.
  • Pheasants must be released at eight weeks of age or older, but no later than end of the pheasant hunting season.
  • Pheasants provided to participants may not be bought, sold or traded.

  • This is a great way to learn more about wildlife management strategies. For more information, please contact Moss Hodde at mlh346@cornell.edu. Order pheasants here by March 25th.

    Last updated January 20, 2023