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National 4-H has some amazing activities and opportunities to do at home, virtually. How about virtual Space Camp this summer?


Science Mom


This mom hosts 2-hour live streams from 12:30-2:30 pm every weekday in order to provide hands-on, science education to kids at home! The lessons are geared towards middle and high school-aged kids, but families should be able to enjoy it all together regardless of age! She also posts simple worksheets which can be accessed for free at her Patreon Page.


Project Learning Tree - https://www.plt.org/

Environmental Education is Important! Environmental education benefits students, schools, and our larger world.

Activities to do with children at home


Virtual 4‑H Space Camp

Courtesy of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Texas 4‑H

Sign up for interactive experiments with educational and how-to videos that cover the topics of space rovers, space foods, space rockets, and space rockstars.

Virtual 4-H STEM Space Camp Registration


Earth@Home: https://earthathome.org/

Your free online toolkit for learning about Earth and its 4.5-billion-year history.

Animal Science

Cornell Virtual Resources (4-H Animal Science)


There are many challenges and everyone is missing both the learning and social aspects of 4-H and other Youth programs. We will be posting virtual resources that can be used by individuals or for virtual group meetings and activities. As we find new resources, we will be updating this list.


Zoo Projects at Home


The Seneca Park Zoo has started putting together activities every weekday that can be done from home! They’re shared on their Facebook page, so be sure to follow them to get all of the latest happenings!


Play Horse Games

Test your horse knowledge with our free horsemanship games. Take our fun horse quizzes and compare your results in the leader boards.



Horse Activity Book


For kids interested in horses, this link has a form for parents to fill out which will net them a PDF to an activity ebook all about horses! It includes things like coloring pages, trivia, crosswords, word searches, recipes, and more!


Marine Science

Digital Education Initiative

Each week CCE Marine Digital Education Initiative will be focusing in on one specific species or topic and will present a variety of media pieces and corresponding worksheets, lesson guides, and art tutorials that can be utilized by anyone looking to integrate some marine science enrichment into their current home learning routine.


Technology & Engineering

Disney & Khan Academy: Imagineering in a Box


This module, created in partnership with Disney and Khan Academy, is all about the basics behind storytelling. It includes things like world-building, creating rides and attractions, and character creation. Khan Academy is also a great resource to continue learning at home!


Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is making CS educational activities available for download free of charge, to anyone who wants to access them.



AG (Agriculture)

The Purple Plow

The Purple Plow engages students in creating solutions for real-world, complex issues related to agriculture. Provided by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.



Virtual Farm Tours

Consider checking out the various links provided within these articles! There are different tours for different age groups so feel free to pick the one that you think would work best for your kid’s age, or just try them all! The second link has several lesson plans and activities related to dairy farms as well. They are mostly geared towards teachers that want to use them in their virtual classrooms, but parents can use them at home too! Courtesy of the American Dairy Association NE! Check out their Facebook page for more information and activities!


Sustainable Agriculture Online Learning Experience provided by American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture



Botanic Garden Virtual Tour!

Need another fun activity while staying indoors? How about a gorgeous virtual tour of Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens! You can click and zoom your way through the gardens yourself, or hit the Play button and enjoy a guided tour using stunning 3D video technology.

Visit: https://www.buffalogardens.com/pages/our-gardens, and click the link at top!

All credit: Virtual tour created by Matterport, presented by wyn3D


Learn by playing Farm Games!

My American Farm, a place for young learners to explore and discover our food, fiber and energy. We know you'll love the free games and educational resources.


The Arts

30 Days of Art with Miss Lanker

The goal of 30 Days of Art is to encourage creative thinking and fine motor skills through art. These are not busy-work activities, but meant to be meaningful. As with anything we do, the only way to get better at anything is to practice. Don’t be discouraged if you struggle - try to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.



National Theatre at Home

As numerous theatrical institutions across the world have opened up their archives in response to increasing lockdown restrictions, the NT is switching to its YouTube channel. From April 2, under the banner of National Theatre at Home, every Thursday (7 pm GMT/2 pm EST) will see a new National Theatre play released – free to watch for one week – along with bonus content including cast and creative Q&As and post-stream talks


RocMusic is offering tuition-free individual music lessons to kids in grades 1-12 who reside in Rochester!


Kids Out and About has compiled a list of virtual experiences, including performances, museums, and the like.

Healthy Living

Communicating to Your Children About Coronavirus

Use this link to check out a graphic with some more information!



Get the 4-H Healthy Living Activity Guide for 30 hands-on, inspirational activities to help your kid live a healthy lifestyle.


Exercising at Home:


This resource is incredibly helpful for those that believe they spend too much time sitting down at home and not getting up and moving. It offers strategies for incorporating movement into your daily routine.


AAP Parenting Website:

American Academy of Pediatrics Healthy Children Here, you'll find information regarding the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) many programs and activities, policies and guidelines, publications, and other child health resources, as well as much, much more.


Headspace App:


This app offers opportunities for practicing mindfulness and guided meditation in your daily life. Since the coronavirus, the app has started offering more packages for free.



HealthiKids is a website that provides resources for kids and families to keep them healthy and active during the outbreak. It includes educational resources, physical activities, healthy eating habits, family and mental health resources, and resources for kids aged 0-5.


Mouth Healthy:

American Dental Association recognizes that your oral health is important. Did you know that 100 million Americans fail to see a dentist each year, even though regular dental examinations and good oral hygiene can prevent most dental disease? Here are some frequently asked questions about going to the dentist.

Civic Engagement



This blog is geared towards teachers in particular, but anyone with kids can find it useful! These games promote civic awareness and literacy skills through the use of online lessons and games that can be played at home so long as they have a computer and internet connection.


Learning History & Creative Arts While at Home

Recommended Age: Grades 3-12

Courtesy of Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia 4‑H

In this reflective history and creative arts activity, kids use the resource guide and online video provided by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to reflect on and learn about the history of the music.

Learning About History & Creative Arts While at Home


Cloverbud Connections from Ohio State University

This list of 50 different hands-on, creative activities is perfect for teaching younger kids basic skills for everyday life. 

Cloverbud Connections from Ohio State University


Additional Resources

New York Department of Education on Distance Learning


The NY DOE has prepared a resource to assist parents in facilitating distance learning for their children.


California Department of Education on Distance Learning


This webpage from California similarly provides resources to support distance learning in K-12 students.


e-learning For Kids


This website has a ton of free lessons available online on a variety of topics, including math, science, environmental skills, computer skills, health, ELA, and life skills.


e-Learning Resources Shared by Everyday Teachers


Teachers from all over have gathered on Reddit to share the most effective resources on e-learning! Some resources include free tech and software for teachers starting a virtual classroom, videos supporting online instruction, spreadsheets with links to hundreds of different sites containing topics of all kinds, educational tools for teachers, simulators, online apps for direct, virtual instruction, collaboration resources, and websites/apps to create your own lessons.


Amazing Educational Resources

On Facebook: A educator community to share the good, bad, and ugly about the many teacher resources on the internet. See More


Monroe County 4-H Program


Last updated June 29, 2022