Parenting Support Resources 4-H

Parenting Support Resources

Parenting Support Resources

Resources for parents, including some from other CCE Associations also committed to keeping their communities healthy & informed.

Parenting Tips Podcasts

Current research-based information from Cornell University and other American land grant institutions. In today's world, parenting is rewarding as well as challenging. "Parenting Tips" supports parents and other caregivers by translating timely child development research into practical and helpful information to support family health and wellness.


Kids Thrive 585

Kids Thrive 585 offers listings of health, family and child resources within the Greater Rochester at your fingertips. Kids Thrive 585 is a child-focused Rochester, NY area non-profit (501c3) organization that highlights good works occurring throughout the community and improves access to resources for children, caregivers, and child advocates.


Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters is Share Our Strength's popular and successful national nutrition education program that connects families with food by teaching them how to plan, purchase and prepare nutritious and satisfying meals at home, on a limited budget. 


Choose MyPlate

MyPlate is the USDA food guide tool to help people make wise food choices within food and calorie limits. MyPlate the Food Guide Pyramid and MyPyramid using simple tools like plates, cups and bowls to help us see how healthy food portions look, and to know what kinds of foods to eat.


When Stress Strikes

Stress is inevitable. Major life events and uncertainty can lead to stress overload. Likewise, daily strains can pile up and raise our stress level to the danger zone. Source: Tim Jahn, Human Development Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County


Financial Counseling

Rochester Financial Empowerment Center is offering free, professional, one-on-one financial counseling services to all residents 18 or older without any qualifications.


Time Saving Tips for Parents

When time is lost or wasted, it can never be reclaimed. Here are some suggestions for using time wisely and managing it more effectively.


Child Care Council, Inc.

Child Care Council is a Child Care Aware® Quality Assured agency that provides information, training, and resources to child care providers and parents in Livingston, Monroe, and Wayne counties in the State of New York.


National Parenting Helpline

The National Parent Helpline® is open to parents and caregivers of children and youth of all ages.

A trained National Parent Helpline® Advocate is ready to:

  • listen to you
  • offer emotional support
  • help you problem-solve
  • support you in creating your own solutions
  • encourage you to take care of yourself
  • work with you to get connected to local services


Mental Health Association

The Mental Health Association promotes lasting mental wellness through a spectrum of culturally competent programs and services! Affliated with Mental Health America and The Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc.

Start Your Recovery

Start Your Recovery was developed by bringing together experts in substance misuse treatment from leading nonprofit and academic institutions, as well as leaders in the collegiate recovery space. Through this resource, students can hear stories from people with similar experiences, learn how to recognize substance misuse, and avoid acute risks related to intoxication. You can learn more about us here.

Birth Injury Center

Our mission is to assist anyone who has been affected by a birth injury. Our website is a compilation of information around the different types of injuries. We offer resources to assist these families, and we will continuously be adding more. Cerebral Palsy is the most common motor disability for children and it affects 1 in every 345 kids. That's why we have information and resources specifically for those with CP and their families. Check it out below

Cerebral Palsy -

Last updated August 18, 2023