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Public Info on COVID-19

New York State 4-H Covid Guidance Page


This is the CDC’s recommendations on how to approach the coronavirus, including information on how to protect yourself as well as what you should do if you think you’re sick.

This link provides some crucial information on travel from the CDC.


Cornell College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Link to Food Industry Resources from the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences which provides information for consumers on sanitation, laws and regulations, webinars and events, and peer-reviewed research. 

Another from Cornell on Agricultural Workforce Development. Cornell is also offering information on Building Resilience as a farmer during COVID-19. Finally, the college is also extending more information about their Cornell Farmworkers Program, which is also available en espanol.


FarmNet is an organization offering free financial and mental health assistance to farmers in NY. Interested parties can call their confidential helpline.


The New York Extension Disaster Education Network website has a consistently-updating list of resources informing farmers of the effects the virus has on agriculture. This site includes a great deal of useful information such as Food Safety Resources, Managing Financial Stress for Farmers, and Guidance on Paid Sick Leave, among much more.


New York State Department of Health

Monroe County Health Department

World Health Organization

Last updated June 29, 2022