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Microgreen Seeds

Microgreen Seeds

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Individual Seeds

Sprouts and Microgreens

Why you should grow the Sprout and Microgreens?

1. Economics - seeds can multiply 7-15times their weight. At $4/lb for seed, that yields 26 cents per a pound of freshly sprouted organic greens!

2. Nutritious - these baby plants have the greatest concentration of protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants at this stage compared to later stages of their development

3. Organic - all natural - You are the grower!  

4. Space - no soil, garden plot or special lights. The grow indoors readily!

5. Time - it takes 1 minute a day to care for them

6.  Fresh - because they are picked the same day, there's no loss of nutrients due to sitting on the trucks or the grocery stores

7.  Versatility - abundance of variety of salad greens from buckwheat lettuce, baby sunflower, garlic chive, purple turnip, curly kale, daikon radish, crimson clover and golden alfalfa - your salad will never be  boring again

Last updated February 23, 2024