Plant Submission Form

Fill out the Plant Submission Form. Provide name of the plant if known, plant care, and description of site conditions. Include photographs if available.

Plant ID

  • If submitting a weed, wildflower, or other herbaceous plant for identification, please include the whole plant including roots if possible.


  • Approximately a 4 x 4 inch section. Include roots and both healthy and diseased grass. Samples consisting of dead grass are not useful.

Herbaceous Plants i.e. annuals, perennials and vegetables

  • Submit the whole plant including roots if small. Otherwise include plant sections that exhibit symptoms.

plant spots

Trees and Shrubs

  • Submit a branch(s) 12-18 inches in length exhibiting the symptoms but not completely dead.
  • Include leaves, flowers, fruits as available showing a range of symptoms. Dead leaves, plants or dead branches are not useful as they no longer contain the source of the problem.


Rhizosphaera needle cast, Rhizosphaera kalkhoffii Symptoms
Photo by USDA Forest Service - North Central Research Station Archive.

Last updated April 28, 2022