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Diagnostic Clinic

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County provides a range of diagnostic services to identify plant diseases/insects, weeds, other insects and soil pH. 

With correct identification of a problem, a management plan will be recommended. Diagnosis takes place in the laboratory of the Monroe County office. Additional tests are offered through other lab facilities.

Getting a Test Done:

Please take time to read the requirements on each sample type webpage for submitting samples BEFORE bringing to the office. 

COVID-19 instructions on sample drop off.

All plant samples and insect samples are $20.00 for cash or check / $21.00 for credit card.

Soil pH samples are $10.00 for cash or check / $10.50 for credit card.

Additional Soil Testing Services Provided by Other Labs

The Soil Nutrient Analysis test provides recommendations for establishment and maintenance of home lawns and gardens, commercial turf, commercial vegetables, commercial fruit, and field crops (pasture, hay, annual crops). The test includes pH,macro and micro nutrients and percent of organic matter. 

Samples should be sent to the Dairy One Co-Op Inc, located at 730 Warren Rd., Ithaca 14850 Turn around times vary depending on the time of year, but you can expect at least one week for test results to be returned.

Download and print the appropriateFORM from the Dairy One website to include with your soil test samples. (NOTE: when you visit the above link, you will see a list of different forms. For testing home garden soils, download and print Submittal Form H for Lawn, Garden and Landscapes and Form H2 if you are submitting multiple samples.)

All questions pertaining to the soil nutrient testing services should be directed to Dairy-One Soil Laboratory Services. 1.800.344.2697 or Email soil@dairyone.com

Instructions for taking and submitting soil samples along with costs and submission forms are available at

https://dairyone.com/resources/forms-and-documentsAgro-One web site.

Cornell Soil Health Testing

Soil health describes the capacity of a soil to be used productively without adversely affecting its future productivity, the ecosystem or the environment. Soil health emphasizes the integration of biological with chemical and physical measures of soil quality that affect farmers' profits and the environment.

The Cornell Soil Health Program Work Team has developed soil measurements to help monitor the state of soil health both in space and time. These indicators can measure soil improvement or degradation resulting from different management practices and also the long term changes in soil health under given management practices.

For more information on the Cornell Soil Health Testing program including all costs, sampling instructions, submission forms, etc. visit Cornell Soil Health web site.

Cornell Waste Management Institute - Soil Quality and Testing

The information on the Cornell Waste Management Institute - Soil Quality and Testing website is intended to help people who are interested in learning about soil contamination, soil testing, interpreting test results, and best practices for healthy soils. Among other subjects a list of laboratories certified by the NYS Department of Health Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (ELAP) to conduct lead analyses is available at this web site. Many laboratories on this list also test for other hazardous materials, air emissions, etc.

Last updated March 11, 2024