Diagnostic Clinic Open for Sampling

Soil Testing & Pest (Weeds, Insects & Diseases) Identification 

The Diagnostic Clinic is open! 

Monroe County is fortunate to have this Clinic – not all counties have one. Liz Berkeley has staffed ours for over 20 years. Her vast knowledge and experience can help you with soil samples or pest identification and treatment of weeds, insects and diseases.

CCE-Monroe is here to help you get the most out of your growing experiences and encourages you to get outside and consider growing something new this year! 

The easiest way to submit samples is to leave soil samples in the drop box located on the Side Porch of our building at 2449 St. Paul Blvd., Rochester 14617. 

  • Intake forms are available on the porch or at the front desk. The office is open Mon.- Fri. 9-3 PM. Make sure the sample has your name and any other identifying information clearly marked on the bag or box.
  • Please do not leave plant or insect samples on the porch during the hottest part of the day or over the weekend. 
  • Payment of diagnostic services through the side porch drop off may be completed by Cash or Check. Only commercial businesses can be invoiced. Be sure to place your payment in an envelope and label it clearly with the name on the submission form. Put payments in the drop off-slot located on the inside door.  

You cam also drop your sample off at our office using the Visitor Entrance. The office is open Mon.- Fri. 9-3 PM. If you need to speak with a team member or would like to pay by Credit Card please come during normal business hours.

You  can reach the Diagnostician by emailing Liz Berkeley at eab11@cornell.edu

Visit the Diagnostic Clinic Website

Last updated March 14, 2022