Customer Survey

Customer Report 2020

2020 Customer Survey Report at U-Pick Farms in the Greater Rochester Area

The customer surveys examined the factors influencing success at U-Pick farms and investigated what motivates people to visit them. By knowing what influences visitors satisfaction, farmers can make adjustment to their operations and services, attract more visitors and grow their revenues. In collaboration with Department of Recreation and Tourism at SUNY Brockport, we've developed the customer survey and conducted collections at four farms in Monroe County and its vicinity in the summer 2020. 

Our goals were to:

  • Create a series of best-practices
  • Provide recommendations for U-Picks to better serve their customers
  • Develop a network of locally sourced fresh food suppliers
  • Expand the range of berry fruits available for picking
  • Provide safe, environmentally sound food systems
  • Increase awareness of local agriculture
  • Grow farmers’ profitability through increased customer visitation

Read the 2020 Customer Survey Report at U-Pick Farms HERE

Last updated April 15, 2021