Commercial Agriculture

Monroe County’s diverse agriculture and agribusinesses positively impact the economy and character of the area. According to 2012 USDA census data, 475 farms contributed $90.6 million annually to our economy. Every dollar in agricultural output generates about 0.7 jobs and up to a dollar in additional direct and indirect revenue. Improving farm viability through Extension’s programming services directly assist new and emerging farm ventures vital to our diverse economy. Working directly with our local growers and producers, Extension staff connects conventional, organic, small or large scale farms with the research-based information provided by area Team Specialists. Our efforts will assist farmers on applying new and improved cultivars, livestock management, IPM, dairy modernization, new cropping techniques, farm business management, identifying new local and institutional markets, and supporting emerging farm-related ventures that will strengthen and diversify our agricultural community. Collectively, these programs directly support improved farm-level profitability and vitality, and deliver a more stable and sustainable agriculture critical to a healthy community and an improved area wide economy.

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Last updated March 4, 2021