Avian Influenza Outbreak

Avian Influenza Outbreak

Watch out for Avian Influenza

High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) can Severely Impact Domestic Poultry!

Look for these clinical signs to determine if there is an outbreak in your flock:

• Reduced energy or appetite
• Lower egg production; soft-shelled or misshapen eggs
• Swelling of the head, eyelids, comb, wattles, and shanks
• Purple discoloration of the wattles, comb, and legs
• Difficulty breathing
• Runny nose, sneezing
• Twisting of the head and neck
• Stumbling or falling down
• Diarrhea
• Decreased activity
• Tremors
• Circling
• Complete stiffness

Tips on Reporting Unusual Mortality - USDA Checklist - below is a general guide to practicing good bio-security, but if you have a site-specific bio-security plan, please follow it. Commercial growers should be sure their site-specific plans follow the National Poultry Improvement Plan bio-security principles.

  • Know when to worry: Some bird death is normal but a large percentage of dead or dying birds in your flock is not normal.
  • Rule out obvious causes such as predators, weather issues or other external factors. You don’t need to report those bird deaths, but consider addressing the root cause so you can keep it from happening again.
  • If you see signs of illness in your flock, make note of what you’re seeing.
  • Report any signs of illness or unexplained deaths to animal health officials right away. This will help prevent the spread of disease and protect neighboring flocks.

Reporting Sick Birds: Cooperative Extension Office, NY Department of Agriculture & Markets:

USDA: (866 ) 536-7593, NY Ag & Markets: (518) 457-3502


Jarmila Haseler
Agriculture and Food System Educator
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Last updated March 7, 2022